R&C REDEFINED Mauve Two-Tone Sweatpants

Our 'Cozy Collection' sweats are 70s/80s vintage hand selected by the Owner of Random&Chic. We have redesigned these vintage sweats to give off a high-fashion dramatic effect while still being sustainable and comfortable. The hips are meant to be exaggerated and the fit/style of the sweats are subject to change depending on sizes vs. measurements of person(s). Pieces from our 'Cozy Collection' are prone to have stains and imperfections, which adds to the charm of owning vintage.


Elastic Waist Measurements: 22IN-44IN

Hip Measurement: 50IN

Inseam Measurement: 26IN

Model Measurement: 25IN Waist - 36IN Hips - 29IN Inseam Height 5'8